About Wine Cellar 

Even though Greece is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the word dated to 6,500 years ago Greeks have been keeping it for themselves since only approximately 10% is being exported till economic crisis has changed this and suddenly Greek wines start earning international respect they deserve and exported  worldwide.

In Tavern Avli Wine Cellar you will have a chance to taste wine from all over the Greece .Many exciting Greek wines are still waiting to be discovered, and there is no doubt that consumers will embrace them . 

Take a chance explore our cellar for an extensive list of vintage wines from various regions across the Greece. 



Reviewed July 26, 2017

Taverna Avli is an absolutely lovely hidden gem in Kallithea, set back from the main street. The food was a bit more pricey compared to a lot of the other restaurants but was well worth it. The fillet steak was the best piece of beef we have ever had, and all 4 of us had a big portion of it. 



Reviewed September 1, 2015

This place has excellent service, food and wine. The salads, pork and seafood are exquisitely cooked and they offer cheese to go with the wine on the house. Definitely a place to enjoy quality atmosphere and a special dinner!

Reviewed August 9, 2013


This gem of a restaurant is about 20 metres from the main road and is a quiet oasis from the main drag. The food was amazing. Everything was fresh and even though slightly higher prices was totally worth it. Highly recommend the stuffed aubergine, both types of dolmades and the house Rose. Vera, our waitress, was fantastic. She showed us around the downstairs cellar and was very informative about the area and the vineyards.

Wine cellar have extensive list of vintage wines from various regions across the Greece.

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